Public Affairs Experts participated yesterday in Barcelona in a conference of political analysis on the elections of December 21 in Catalonia. The act was carried out by two of the most influential Minorcans of the current scene: Guillem López Casanovas, Professor of Economics at the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF); and Joan Roselló, Director of Public Affairs Experts and also a professor at UPF.

Both experts agreed that the current political situation can not be understood only by reading the newspapers, but it is necessary to analyze every detail, every movement, to understand how this situation has been reached and the possible post-electoral scenarios.

During the talk, Joan Roselló and Guillem López Casanovas analyzed the latest polls of intention to vote and the possible pacts that can occur after the election, also addressing other hot topics of current Catalan politics, such as the possibility of a reform of the Constitution or a pact on regional financing.

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