Public Affairs Experts

Public Affairs Experts is a firm specialized in strategic consulting for public affairs and corporate and institutional communication management.

Through our brand we value the importance of Public Affairs in its broadest sense. That is the capacity of any organization for understanding, advance and influence in its environment, its stakeholders and public decision makers, either through prospective research, institutional relations, strategic communications, lobbying and alliance building.

Our team consist of professionals and experts in interdependent disciplines such as political science, law, communication, advertising and public relations. We help our clients to understand better their environment and strengthen its position.

Thus, our professional commitment is focused on helping to build strong, transparent and influential in their respective political, economic and social environments brands. And accompany them throughout the process so that they can defend their legitimate interests and successfully achieve their strategic objectives.


The provision of a methodology of work is one of the main attractions of our professional proposal.

Our customers value our expertise in different sectors; providing complementary external point of view; and ongoing support to monitor and interpretate of results.