Private Services

We help companies and organizations to understand better their environment and strengthen its position and influence in their respective political, economic and social areas of interest. In Public Affairs Experts have a specialized team accompanies you permanently in understanding all the possible scenarios to anticipate their consequences and thus achieve their strategic objectives successfully.

Public Affairs

•  Daily analysis and monitoring
•  Strategic plans for public affairs
•  Instituctional Relations
•  Representation and defense of corporate interests

Corporate Communication

•  Internal and external analysis
•  Brand positioning
•  Strategic Communications Plan
•  Daily monitoring and support in the implementation


•  Crisis Prevention 
•  Crisis Management Plan
•  Daily monitoring and active listening
•  Strategic management and overcoming support and overcomin

logo001 bdr2-01Thanks to the services of BData Revolution, company of the same group of Public Affairs Experts, you may also have access to a digital track of hot issues and a permanent digital advisor service.